“We are very, very pleased with the drops. The kids have been on drops for a while and we’ve noticed a big improvement in environmental allergies and the allergies to our cats. The kids are able to tolerate things much better. We have recently moved to Utah and there’s no clinic near us that does the drops so we’re happy to continue going through your clinic. We’ve referred quite a few people.”

Carol Magie –Mother of Brandon and Hayley


“I really like using the drops and have had good results. I think they are worthwhile to try. My friend and I are both nurses and we both use the drops and think they are wonderful.”

Charlotte Flottman


“I’m very impressed and grateful for the drops. It’s so easy and convenient and for me it’s less expensive than shots. I’ve had wonderful results. I often think how wonderful this would be for children and older people to not go through shots, it seems a lot safer than shots. I’ve been dealing with allergies for a long time and this has helped me so much.”

Noma Sayler


“Easy to use, very effective. Thanks for the recommendation!”

Toby Leiter