Drops Vs. Shots

Immunotherapy (desensitization) is a process whereby we regularly administer to the allergic patient the substances to which he or she is allergic. Immunotherapy is by all accounts underutilized, and is the only means of possibly curing the problem. There are currently 2 methods of administering the allergic substances (immunotherapy).

Allergy shots (injection immunotherapy) are really the “gold standard” in desensitization. When tolerated, they are an excellent option for allergy patients. However, they are far too often not utilized for a myriad of reasons. This leaves the allergy and asthma patient with only medications to treat the symptoms.

Allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) affords the patient another method of immunotherapy. It is tremendously versatile, safe, convenient and effective. In the US, approval for this method of administration is pending. It’s approval is inevitable, but until then, it seems unreasonable not to offer it to our patients. The cost is less than usual copays or allergy medications.