Why Allergy Drops?

Allergy drops (SLIT) provide another option for patients who are not candidates for or refuse allergy shots. The ability to treat young children is perhaps the most important benefit of SLIT. This is especially important because mounting evidence suggests that treating allergy triggers early in life can decrease the risk of developing asthma in later years. Two childhood allergic conditions, atopic dermatitis (eczema) and recurrent otitis media, may also benefit from SLIT. A significant portion of children with untreated atopic dermatitis eventually go on to develop asthma.

In the case of food allergens, SLIT is the only viable type of immunotherapy.

In addition, SLIT can be used to treat multiple allergies simultaneously.

Another advantage is the ability to treat some difficult patients who do not respond well to shots. Food and mold allergies, in particular, have proven to be difficult to treat well with conventional therapies.

Chronic sinusitis patients may also achieve long-term relief with SLIT. Medical research has revealed that fungi are significant contributors to chronic sinusitis. Anti-fungals and SLIT mold therapy can be an effective combination in treating these difficult patients