Getting Started

• Visit and to familiarize yourself with all your options.

• Call Us at Midwest Sinus and Allergy Center (605) 275-1228 to schedule allergy testing (skin testing or blood testing) to formulate your drops.

• Alternatively, ask your physician if they will help you can start by getting your IgE levels tested (Midwest Panel) your local lab. Download our Patient History form and get those items to us by fax (605) 336-6010 or mail. Then call us at (605) 275-1228 to set up your consultation and treatment plan.

• All subsequent care is managed by periodic delivery of your allergy drops, with follow-up skin testing or IgE blood testing conducted only as necessary.

• Your Allergy Drops will be delivered to your home or office via priority overnight mail.

The cost of Midwest Allergy Drops is less than daily over-the-counter medications or weekly injections.