How They Work

Allergy drops work to prevent the allergic response, not simply to block it. When an allergic person’s immune system detects the presence of allergens, it reacts with a histaminic degranulation triggered by IgE. This histaminic response tends to cause symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, itching, swelling, and difficulty breathing. Antihistamine medications inhibit histamine receptors, providing only temporary symptom relief.

Allergy drops gradually introduce controlled amounts of allergens to the body’s immune system, identicle to the methodology of shots. This changes the immune response to normalcy in the majority of patients. Eventually, the immune system stops fighting the allergens, IgE and histamine levels decline, and the allergies and their symptoms disappear.

Most Allergydrop patients experience relief from their symptoms within months or sometimes weeks The duration of therapy is variable, but currently the research supports 3-5 years of therapy. Immunotherapy (Desensitization) with either shots or drops is the only way to potentially cure a patient of their allergies.