SLITone® oral immunotherapy continues to prove effective in Europe

slitone_mediumSLITone® is the first drop-based allergy vaccine for daily administration via a single dose container.

The new form of treatment is more user friendly as the single-dose containers ensure correct dosage and can be kept at room temperature. This provides greater safety and flexibility for patients, many of whom are children.

By the end of 2007, SLITone® will have nearly 40 different species and mixes available including different strains of pollen and house dust mite.

In Europe, SLIT is produced and marketed on a ‘named patient’ basis meaning that the products are prescribed by physician and then supplied directly from ALK-Abelló to the individual patient.

The use of SLIT products is rapidly rising and their popularity is related to user friendliness and sound safety profile, enabling patients to treat themselves and avoid the regular doctor’s appointments required with injection based immunotherapy.

The only problem I see with this is the one size fits all design. Our SLIT is not only based on what you are allergic to, but also how allergic you are. That allows us to start at the appropriate dose and then build to the maximum dose. This avoids unnecessary reactions and allows for more rapid dose escalation.